Friday, February 18, 2011

One of our Dress A Girl Partners- Group Publishing and news about their upcoming Peru Mission Trip

Today I'm dreaming of escaping to Peru. Peru is filled with amazing natural beauty and acres and acres of the most beautiful rainforests in the world. A dream land filled with pink river dolphins, monkeys, iridescent butterflies, turquoise ocean waters and colorful flowers, Peru seems close to heaven. But the deeper you look at this beautiful land, the more need you'll see. We travel regularly on short term mission trips to Peru to help the local Shipibo people. They are a kind and peaceful tribe of Amazon Indians who have inhabited the banks of the Ucayali River for as long as anybody can remember.

My mind wanders to the people themselves. What are they thinking today? What do they know about what's happening in the world around them? What personal issues are they struggling with today? Like us, they face joys and pains. Losses of babies. Births of new babies. Losses of a precious relative. Challenges with interpersonal relationships. But they face something most of us don't. Because of a mere lack of education, they face simple things that can kill them or their children in a heartbeat. Too many just don't know about easy steps to water purification and their babies die. Too many aren't familiar with basic nutrition to prevent disease in their toddlers and elderly. Too many aren't aware of standard health and hygiene practices that can prevent infection and the spread of disease.
You might be wondering if I still want to escape to Peru? Yes I do. I know that Lifetree mission trips to Peru provide the fragile link that they have to life-saving information. I know that Lifetree mission trips to Peru get things done when it comes to repairing flooded housing there. I know that Lifetree mission trips to Peru help to provide them with clean safe drinking water. So yes, I still dream of escaping to Peru. And I'm hoping you do too.

Dress A Girl will be providing dresses for them again!

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  1. I would like to make a dress. Can you let me know where to send it? Thanks.